Marten Norr


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I’m a full-time artist and graphic designer as well as an avid reader and writer. I obtained my BA in social science with a history focus from Western Oregon University in 2017. I endeavor to seek out, create, and uplift underrepresented narratives, specifically those of queer and neurodivergent individuals. I’ve been storytelling since time immemorial and several of my short stories were published by the Oregon-based nonprofit The Nature of Words. More recently, my short story “Transmogrification” is featured in a science fiction anthology titled Beyond Human: Tales of the New Us.


I have over 15 years of professional illustration experience in a variety of styles and media. From character art to landscapes to fantasy maps, my art can help bring your creative vision to life.

graphic design

The main focus of my graphic design work is book cover design, in which I have over 10 years of experience. I endeavor to create covers that not only meet the highest aesthetic standard, but authentically represent the story within. I will gladly work with you to create a perfect front cover, e-book/audio cover, or a full cover spread for publication on your platform of choice.


As a novelist, I am proud to be represented by Maeve MacLysaght at Copps Literary Services, and my novel Oath & Entropy will be on submission later this year!

historical research

In 2016, Western Oregon University received an email from Marcy Moir, a book collector and seller from Washington state, regarding the fate of four Great-War-era record books belonging to a Canadian-American nurse called Sister Lantz. The books were not Sister Lantz’s diaries, but rather a series of autograph books in which her patients made entries. The entries included hundreds of poems, drawings, stories, and names of soldiers and servicemen from all over the world.

Since January 2017, I’ve compiled research and data about the record books and those who wrote in them, tying the entries in with contemporary history and context to provide new insight into the history of the First World War, the nursing sisters of the Red Cross, and the experiences of those who lived through the tumultuous era.

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